1050 Ballistic Nylon

The best all around solution for bundling, abrasion and operator protection. 

1050 Radiant Liner

Radiant lined products are often used when maintaining thermal properties is critical.


Remains extremely flexible in high and low temperature applications.

5601 Radiant Liner

Meets application needs in extreme cold and/or abrasive environments.

40 HDA

Ultra rugged; meets ISO 6945 specifications, 500,000+ cycles.

Black Poly

Economical solution for a variety of bundling requirements.

Black Poly Radiant Liner

Thermal properties engineered to meet needs in a variety of extreme environments.


Unaffected by water, petro chemicals, sea salts, and mild solvents.

Weld Shield

Economical solution for a variety of bundling requirements.


Multi-purpose Teflon Glass Sleeve for protection against a variety of situations.

Fire Sleeve

Resistant to radiant heat, abrasion, chemicals, vibration, electricity, and more.

Diamondback / Diamondback PRO

The Diamondback Sleeve offers operator protection from hydraulic hose failure.

INSULTF - Braided Fiber Glass

Braided, standard duty fiberglass impregnated with an acrylic binder.

INSULTHM - Braided Fiber Glass

Heavy duty fiberglass used for thermal protection in extremely high temperatures.

Cinch Straps - Standard Duty

Designed for bundling hoses that expand and contract with pressure changes.

Cinch Straps - Heavy Duty

Designed for severe industrial applications and reinforced with Ballistic Cordura® nylon.

Hanging Straps - Standard Duty

Standard Duty series is designed for economical service applications.

Hanging Straps - Heavy Duty

Designed for rugged applications such as agricultural equipment and fire trucks.

Grip Straps

Designed to replace traditional bundling hardware where constant vibration occurs.

Micro Cinch Straps

This design eliminates the need for nylon ties, rubber coated loop clamps, and more.

Micro Hanging Straps

Reusable and high tenacity, capable of carrying a stationary load of up to 45 pounds.

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