Configured Solutions

Optimal parts, accelerated production, & enhanced supply chains

We’ve combined the latest in digital manufacturing with our proprietary products to offer on-demand configurable parts for equipment manufacturers.
This platform strengthens your supply chain with a partner capable of providing instant quotes with rapid turnaround; and it’s why Python’s automated configurator system is leading the way in commercial-grade textile production.


Rapid Turnaround

Quotes for configured products are provided instantly and design-to-manufacture time is often reduced down to a number of days. 


maximizing Solutions

Troubleshoot issues, provide answers, and bring our team of experts to maximize design efficiencies.


Perfect Parts

Build the perfect part for your real-world application and receive design support with our in-house team of experts.

Slide Axle Trailer:
Python sleeve is cut to form a rod boot, protecting hydraulic cyclinder rods from rocks and other miscellaneous road debris.

Combine Grain Head Attachment:
Axillary hose sleeve with internal straps
prevents hoses from dangling
around the drive wheels.

Back Hoe Attachment:
Hoses seeing heavy abrasion and pinch
points are bundled and secured with 
internal grip straps. 

Custom Solutions

Python Protective Sleeve + Covers, has an extensive amount of sewing processes and machines that are utilized to produce standard off-the-shelf products. In addition to the mass production equipment, Python’s in-house expertise and wide range of custom machines are available to assist in creating your custom and unique solution.



Drive Shaft u-joint Coupler Guards   |   Muffler Blankets
DEF Tank Covers   |   Thermal Hose Wraps
Energy Chain / Hose Guide Covers   |   Derrick Hose Bundles

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Military & Defense   |   Heavy Industrial   |   Construction
Agriculture   |   Transportation   |   Oil & Gas

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank Cover:
Python thermally insulated cover helps to maintain consistent fluid temperatures to eliminate costly down time.

Concrete Pump Safety Cover:
The concrete industry has recognized that safety is a must. The widely recognized Python Cover helps contain slurry and protect operators during pipe bursts.

Concrete Paving Equipment:
DEF tanks are located in tight and
temperature sensitive areas. Python’s DEF tank cover design will help provide consistent fluid temperatures to the SCR.